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How Using An Instagram Growth Service Will Boost Your Following Fast

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Looking for a fast forward button on Instagram success?

An Instagram growth service can help boost your following, helping you go from spinning your wheels to #winning in record time.

Instagram growth services are specialized agencies that can help you reap the maximum benefits from the visual social media platform. They’ll help you create a detailed and highly customized strategy for posting, so that you can rest assured that your content, images, captions, and hashtags are all helping your brand grow.

How does it work? Here, we’ll talk specifically about how an Instagram growth service will boost your following fast.

Instagram’s Popularity is Skyrocketing

It would be difficult to overstate how popular Instagram is right now. As of this writing, the social media platform has over 1 billion active users. A billion is a thousand million–that’s a lot of eyes that could potentially be feasting on your brand’s posts!

For businesses, Instagram offers the opportunity to transform people’s smartphones into mini marketing opportunities. By creating an Instagram account and posting great content, you’ll be able to connect with an incredible number of potential customers. The key is finding a strategy that helps you gain followers!

Influencers Use Instagram to Their Advantage

Instagram accounts with a large following are considered highly influential on the platform. In fact, they’re even referred to as “influencers”.

When a so-called influencer creates an Instagram post, it has a big impact. Just the mere mention of a product or service from an influencer can create a huge surge of business for the entity mentioned.

Influencers use Instagram to their advantage, actively engaging to attract and retain followers. By maintaining a strong following, they attract sponsors and business opportunities.

Most Influencers Use an Instagram Growth Service. Why?

Here’s something that you might not know about Instagram influencers–many of them use an Instagram growth service. Why?

Because Instagram experts can help them get the results they want faster. The experts at the growth service can help advise on hashtag use, posting frequency, content, and analyzing their data to help them gain followers faster.

More followers means more opportunities, so influencers see the value in hiring a growth service to help things move along!

An Instagram Growth Service Can Boost Your Following Exponentially

Perhaps most importantly, a good Instagram growth service can help you boost your following in a big way. With their targeted approach, they can help you gain followers more effectively and in less time than if you were doing everything by yourself.

The growth service is like having an Instagram sherpa guiding you up the mountain of social media success. You’re still doing your part, but they’re helping to ensure that you stay on the right path so that you can reach your destination safely and efficiently.

Here are 7 Ways it Can Help You Grow

How can an Instagram growth service help boost your brand? Here are seven specific ways that an Instagram growth service can help grow your account:

1. Provide You With a Real Instagram Growth Strategy

You wouldn’t embark on a long road trip without a map. Similarly, when delving into the world of social media, you shouldn’t do it without formulating some sort of plan first.

A great Instagram growth service can help you create a growth strategy. They can help you consider your goals, and work with you to set realistic milestones. Then, they can help you create a targeted plan of action to help make them a reality.

2. Implement the Strategy For You

Designing a strategy for finding success on Instagram is one thing. But actually implementing it is a whole different ball game.

For many, the work of getting started on a social media strategy can be intimidating. It can be tough to put in the work when the returns may not be evident right away.  

That’s why it’s helpful to have an Instagram growth service on your side. Your Instagram expert team can begin to implement the strategy for you, so that you can see and enjoy the results of growing your account sooner rather than later.

This is extremely gratifying, and can help keep you motivated to stick with your Instagram strategy in the long run!

3. Analyze Your Results

With Instagram, there’s no one size fits all model for success. As you begin to implement your strategy, it’s important to evaluate how it’s going so that you can determine where you should make adjustments.

An Instagram growth service has the know-how to begin analyzing your data quickly so that you can adjust your expectations, your plan, or both, as needed.

The fact is, nobody knows what will happen on Instagram until you start posting. Once you have some data and statistics to look at, you and your service can analyze the results and gain insight about what content is doing the most work for you.

You can begin to focus on what is working, and de-emphasize the things that are not helping you work toward your goals. This allows you to streamline your strategy.

4. Strategy Optimization

Based on analyzing the data from your Instagram posts, you can rebuild your plan in a bigger, better, and more targeted way.

Say, for instance, that you own a pet grooming company and you’ve started posting a featured pet of the week on Instagram. If this style of post has proven particularly popular, your Instagram growth service can help you figure out how to optimize this style of post even further.

For example, you might create more posts of this style, incorporate hashtags, or try combining this style of post with a discount or contest.

By optimizing your strategy and taking advantage of your account data, you can optimize your posts and make the most of popular content.  

5. Instagram Hashtag Planning

Hashtags are hugely important to helping you grow your Instagram following. An Instagram growth service can help you use them intelligently.

First, you need to figure out what niche or what you want your branding to be on Instagram. From there, you can create goals unique to your hashtags and what you hope to gain from them or what types of people you want to attract.

Detailed research on hashtags on a website like Trendsmap can help you determine what hashtags will be most effective.

For instance, many Instagram members will think that the hashtag with the most posts is obviously the best one, but this can actually dilute your message because it can be harder to be noticed with hashtags that are more saturated. By getting a little bit more specific, you may actually have better results.

For example, say that you are a dressmaker. If you use the hashtag #dress in your post, it could quickly get lost in people’s feeds. However, if you get a little bit more specific about your designs with hashtags like #polkadotdress, #homemadedress, or #maxidress, for instance, you may get more views based on people having a specific interest in these things.

Choosing hashtags that are authentic, creative, and not spammy will help you be seen, encourage others to share, and can help you gain more followers fast.

6. Analyze Your Competitors

It’s never a bad idea to see what the competition is doing on Instagram.

While of course you should always forge your own path and maintain a unique style, there is a lot that can be gained by observing the successes (and even the failures) of your competition.

By looking at what your competitors are posting, you can gain a good idea about what types of posts are gaining a good reaction, and what content seems to flop.  You can also look at things like post frequency, hashtags, the types of companies they collaborate with.

These things can help act as inspiration for how you can grow your own brand on Instagram. Looking at what the competition is doing can help you become more intelligent about editing and curating your own content.

With an Instagram growth group on your side, you can look at what your competitors are doing and break down what is working and make a specific plan to benefit from some of the techniques listed above.

7. Does the Hard Work So You Can Focus On Your Followers

While Instagram is important, the fact is that you’ve got a life to lead, a brand to manage, and a business to run.

One of the biggest advantages to having an Instagram growth service is that they can help do the heavy lifting required to build an Instagram following. They are on hand to help deal with the confusing, behind the scenes stuff that can be tedious or overwhelming for business owners or entrepreneurs.

This means that you can reap all of the benefits while still being able to focus on the business at hand–building your brand, and dreaming up great content that will please your followers!  

3 Things to Keep in Mind When Looking For an Instagram Growth Service

Not every Instagram growth service is created equal. Keep these things in mind when seeking out the best service for you:

Beware of Services That Buy Fake Followers

There are two key ways in which Instagram growth services help you gain followers.

One way is through organic growth. This means that the growth service applies a strategy of engagement, targeted content, posting schedules, hashtags, and more to attract real followers who are likely to have a genuine interest in your brand.

Another method is buying fake followers.

Buying fake followers can provide instant gratification in that it builds your account follower list very fast. However, it never pays off in the long term. Not only are these followers unlikely to ever become customers, but they may post spam-like comments that can make you look bad to real followers and could even potentially have your account flagged.

Be sure to inquire about whether or not the growth service you’re interested in buys fake followers–and if they do, run for the hills!

The Promise of Unreal Results

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. That’s a powerful lesson for life, but it also relates specifically to Instagram growth services.

If a service makes what seem to be unrealistic promises, it’s probably a sign that they won’t be able to deliver.

A good Instagram growth service should be able to help you create realistic goals and then help you implement a strategy to make them a reality. Ultimately, you want to create long term, sustainable growth!

No Social Proof

What are people saying about the Instagram growth service you’re considering?

If there are no success stories, positive reviews, or case studies featured, you can consider that a lack of what’s called “social proof”.

A growth service should have some proven customer success stories or testimonials posted. This can help you review the benefits that others have gained from these services, which can help you better determine if the service in question is well suited for you.


Enlisting the help of an Instagram growth service can help your brand build an Instagram following quickly and intelligently. To review:

  • Many established Instagram accounts and influencers hire Instagram growth companies to help them get ahead.
  • An Instagram growth service can help you create a targeted strategy to help build your brand using hashtags, a posting plan, and other techniques
  • Your group can help you analyze your results so that you can continue to streamline your strategy
  • An Instagram growth service can free up your time by dealing with the technical stuff so that you can continue building your brand and focusing on your followers.

Are you ready to invest in your brand’s growth on social media? Consider using an Instagram growth service like SocialUpgrade to help your brand blossom.

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