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8 Best Niches to Grow Instagram Followers and Make Money

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Are you looking for a way to make money while sharing your passion or teaching others about a particular skill? With Instagram, you can rapidly reach a huge number of people, developing your own business and making money, too. If your plan is to grow Instagram followers, then choosing one of these eight popular and promising niches will make that easier.

Instagram Has Become Social Media Titan

When it comes to social media, Instagram dominates all other platforms in terms of marketing potential. As of this past June, Instagram reached a staggering 1 billion monthly users. Just think of the results your business could see if you reach even a fraction of those users.

While having 1 billion monthly users is an amazing statistic in itself, the engagement of Instagram users is enough to make eager marketers’ and business owners’ mouths water. More than 4 billion likes per day are issued on Instagram, and each image that’s posted on Instagram gets an average of 23% more engagement than images that are posted on Facebook receive.

In short, if you’re not marketing your business and growing your followers on Instagram, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.

Everyone Wants to Grow Their Business and Make Money

With so many active Instagram users, marketing your business should be a cinch, right?

Not so fast.

Instagram is a huge social media platform with tons of marketing potential, sure – but other business owners know this, too. As of December of 2017, there were 25 million active business profiles on Instagram, and that number has almost certainly increased since then.

This means that Instagram is loaded with competition when it comes to growing your following and making money. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t be done, either. With the right niche, strategy, and a bit of effort and time, you can grow your Instagram following, make money, and reach those goals that you set for yourself.

And some of these niches? Well, they’re the best place to be if you’re looking for rapid growth and money making opportunities.

Do You Know Which Niches Are the Best to Grow Instagram Followers and Make Money?

Instagram is rich with marketing opportunities, so whether you’re building a dropshipping company, an affiliate marketing business, or some other business, you can quickly grow Instagram followers and reach your ideal audience.

Of all of the niches on Instagram, these 8 are the best niches for growth and making money.

1. Health and Fitness

The health and fitness industry is booming right now, and Instagram has tons of health and fitness content. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for more – in fact, it’s a hot niche that you can get into relatively quickly and easily.

One of the major benefits here is that health and fitness is an evergreen industry. People will always be concerned about their health, and if you offer valuable content, then you’re sure to gain new followers. You can evolve with the industry as it develops and changes, so be sure to stay on top of the newest trends and news so that you can bring your followers great content that no one else has posted yet.

Deliciously Ella shares her experience with plant-based living, and has amassed 1.4 million followers, thanks to her creative, engaging, and helpful content.

2. Beauty

Speaking of evergreen industries, the beauty industry is #2 on our list, and it has the same staying power that the health and wellness industry has. The beauty industry is a natural fit for Instagram, because it’s a highly visual niche by nature.

When it comes to breaking into the beauty industry in Instagram, you’ll need to find a way to stand out from the crowd. This means that you need to do things a bit differently, whether it’s giving followers a glimpse into your awesome personality, creating inventive hacks to make their lives easier, or recording branded, unique and engaging how-to videos.

Makeup By Tiffany D has mastered the beauty industry on Instagram. She posts loads of informative makeup reviews, plus plenty of hacks to help you make the most of your makeup.

3. Travel

The travel industry is a huge niche, so success in this business on Instagram will depend on niching down even further. Focus on a specialty in the travel industry that you know well, such as traveling on a budget, backpacking, or travel for millennials.

There are countless ways to get into the travel industry, such as reviewing travel products, offering a service to travelers, or just sharing your own travel adventures.

Take a look at the eye-catching variety of photos BusinessTravelLife posts.

4. Business

If you’re a master of all things business, then you might take advantage of the business niche on Instagram. Maybe you’re a business coach who helps other business owners, or maybe you offer a service, such as marketing or PR, that business owners need.

With so many business owners already on Instagram, the business niche is a great place to be. Once again, niching down is key, so don’t try to approach your page from a general angle. Instead, specialize, and do it well. Offer your followers valuable content and watch your business grow.

With just 98 posts, Business Tutorship’s Instagram following has grown to 37,500. This business even includes a link to a free download for an ebook in their bio, driving people to subscribe to their email list for an additional benefit and increased marketing capabilities.

5. Fashion

Since fashion is a naturally visual industry, it makes perfect sense that fashion is a hot topic on Instagram.

Think about what’s unique about your style, then design a business and an Instagram page to highlight that. If you just be yourself, then creating new content will be fun, rather than becoming a struggle.

Plus, you don’t have to be a fashion designer to get into the fashion niche. Maybe you know how to put together that perfect look each and every day. Or maybe your style is so unique that it gets you noticed anywhere. If you’re genuine and unique with your content, people will quickly take notice.

Danielle Bernstein of We Wore What understands how to leverage an Instagram page to make money. With over 1.9 million followers, she’s even launched her own line of clothing and accessories.

Fashion-is-great-for-Instagram-and-followersSource: we wore what

6. Lifestyle

Love taking photos of food, cars, your everyday life? Then the lifestyle niche might be just right for you.

Marketing a lifestyle business on Instagram is all about providing a glimpse into the life that people want, whether it’s luxurious living, a life full of inspiring positivity, or city living for the career-driven professional. There are countless ways you can frame your lifestyle business, so let your creativity run wild.

Vodka for Dog People does lifestyle branding well. A quick glance through their content reveals that they have a great sense of their audience, and they’re posting inspiring photos that make you want to be a part of their world.

7. Animals

The entire world is in love with cute, fluffy animals, and you can harness that cuteness to grow your Instagram business and make money.

You can focus on adorable kittens, silly dogs, or a bunch of different animals. It’s a fun niche to get into, and you can enjoy huge success in this popular niche.

Just take a look at the Cats of Instagram page, which has over 1.4 million followers.

8. Relationships

The world will never run out of relationship drama or challenges, so the relationships niche makes a great choice! People are always looking for ways to improve their relationships, understand the opposite sex, and more, so you can quickly develop a significant following on Instagram.

Your page doesn’t even have to be super complex. The Couple Goals page has over 4.3 million followers and consists mainly of memes and images representing the ideal relationship.

You Don’t Have to Be a Celebrity to Become Known on Instagram

Hesitant to get into one of these great Instagram niches because you’re not a celebrity or a super-accomplished industry veteran? You don’t have to be. That’s the magic of Instagram.

Instagram gives anyone a voice, and as long as you’re willing to show off your unique voice and creativity, you can build a business. If you’re thinking of getting into the business niche, for instance, you might think that you’re not ready to give advice to top business professionals all over the world. But if you have one particular skill, you can market that skill to business owners who don’t have that skill or experience. You don’t need to be a celebrity; you just need to be able to give your audience value.

Define Your Own Style and Show the World What You’ve Got

Your style is everything on Instagram, and it’s what will help you to stand out from the competition. Give some serious thought to your style, and come up with some guidelines for the content that you’ll post. Your content should all have a recognizable, consistent style, so your followers can instantly recognize it as yours.

8 Easy-to-Follow Steps to Become an Instagram Star

Ready to get started? Put these 8 steps to work as you launch your business on Instagram.

1. Optimize Your Profile

Set your account up for success by optimizing your profile.

  • Open a business Instagram account
  • Use a handle that is recognizable and easily searchable
  • Don’t forget to add your full business name to your bio
  • Add personality into your bio and make it memorable

Here’s a nice profile example – Oreo has a catchy bio, a branded profile picture, and a name that’s easy to remember.

Oreo-is-a-great-branded-instagram-exampleSource: oreo

2. Post Consistently and Engage With Your Followers

Stay consistent with your posts. Try to post the same number of times each day, and repeat that pattern throughout the week.

Create content that engages with your followers, whether you’re asking them to use your custom hashtag in their content or you’re responding to their comments. Be prompt with responses and make sure that your followers feel like you’re listening to them.

3. Be Unique

Be yourself, and be unique. There are tons of businesses on Instagram, so find a way to make your page stand out. Do things differently. Get creative. Shake things up. The more unique you are, the more that people will remember you and want to check out what you’re doing.

4. Use 5-10 Hashtags for Your Niche

Hashtags can help increase your post’s reach, but using too many will overwhelm your post. Try to use between 5 and 10 hashtags that are specific to your niche. Get specific with your hashtags for the best results, and use the search function to find a list of hashtags for a particular keyword. You may also want to consider the related hashtags that Instagram suggests, since they can give you some good ideas.

5. Use Instagram Stories

Stories, posts that will disappear in 24 hours, can help you to share content in any number of ways. They’re great for breaking news, but can also be used for follower shoutouts, brand announcements, listicles, and more.

Be sure to include a call to action to make the most of your story. You can also boost your story to increase its reach, as well as the potential reward that you receive from it.  

6. Don’t Forget Captions

Your captions are a chance for you to make your post stand out with your unique voice. Use them wisely and let your voice shine, like Orvis does here.

Use-the-best-instagram-captions-for-followersSource: orvis

7. Deliver High-Quality Content to Your Followers

When it comes to your Instagram content, always value quality over quantity. A single great photo can get far more engagement than 10 mediocre photos will, so take your time and be selective about the content that you post.

8. Build a Relationship with Influencers

Influencers can help you to quickly gain new followers and can expose you to a whole new audience. Cultivate relationships with influencers who have existing audiences that you would like to reach in the future. This takes some time, but can be a rewarding strategy, too.


The above 8 niches are highly promising, and with the right strategy you can grow Instagram followers and make money from your business. Above all else, choose a niche that you have a genuine interest in.

Then, find a way that you can stand out from the competition, whether it’s a unique voice, an unusual style, or another way that you show off your personality and what makes you, you.

Additional techniques, like optimizing your profile, using hashtags appropriately, and creating engaging captions will help you connect with and grow your audience – and make money.

As you organically grow your Instagram following and build your business, you’ll be laying the foundation for a successful income-generating operation.

Which of these niches do you think are most promising for new businesses?  

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